Jdev12c Credentials could not be validated from message or from configuration file.


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Hello Friends,

I am testing(running) bssv provider via Jdeveloper 12C with the help Test main class and getting below error message. We are working on JDE 9.2.

javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Credentials could not be validated from message or from configuration file.

Please provide your inputs in case, any configuration that needs to check or is this related to SQLJDBC.jar file incompatibility.

I probably should have asked/confirmed if you are trying to connect to a MS SQL server but it looks like you are. This is probably the same issue I had and worked with Oracle on resulting in Bug 27324036.

I believe the work around is the following:

copy sqljdbc41.jar to sqljdbc4.jar (I believe you should have the sqljdbc41.jar)

The contents of \MISC will be


The contents of the two .jars will be identical. Do NOT simply dowload and install the ver 4 JDBC drivers. Again, the JDBC drivers will be identical, one will just have the .jar name of the missing JDBC driver version. You must have both in there. Local BSSV needs sqljdbc4.jar and the local web dev JAS client needs sqljdbc41.jar.
Glad it worked for you. BTW, the bug is in the various .jar manifest files. The class loader is looking is looking for the the 41 JDBC driver but its trying to load it from the 4.jar. You could also go edit the various manifests in the various jar files (if you could identify which jars, etc.) but just copying the one JDBC jar file to the old name is the easiest fix.