JDE Kernal Error



We submitted an custom UBE to run on our AS400 and was
ended abnormally with the following message. We are
running B7332 on AS400 coexistence.

From module . . . . . . . . : RTK_DS

From procedure . . . . . . :
Statement . . . . . . . . . : 183

To module . . . . . . . . . : RTK_DS

To procedure . . . . . . . :
Statement . . . . . . . . . : 183

Message . . . . : Pointer not set for location
Cause . . . . . : A pointer was used, either
directly or as a basing

The UBE runs fine Locally. Any help is appreciated.


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Michelle D.

Active Member
I've been having this same problem with print pick slips, print purchase
orders, print delivery notes, and sometimes print invoices.

It happens the most with print pick slips. I've done everything from
reinstalling OneWorld; deleting DDTEXT, DDDICT, GBLTBL; making new versions;
turning debugging on; changing "install specs" from "Y" to "N"; adding OCM
mapping for F986110, F986111, F986113; changing CATIII wiring to CATV, etc.

There are three different scenarios that I've seen happen:

1) UBE ends in an error; creates pick numbers; updates status on sales
order; doesn't print
2) same as 1) except it DOES print
3) UBE ends in DONE, then changes to ERROR; creates pick numbers;
updates status on sales order; DOES print

We used to have this problem maybe once a month. For the past approx. 5
months, it's been happening over 50% of the time!! (We haven't made any
changes to anything.)

Using a version that is only a reprint never ends in an error. And
processing locally has never been a problem. However, that's not an option
for us since we use Optio to print our forms.

I've opened two calls with JDE and let's just say that neither call has
gotten me anywhere!! Since we've customized all of these UBE's and are only
at B7322 SP 12.1, they really aren't interested in hearing about my

I've even tried calling IBM ... they were extremely responsive, helpful,
friendly, etc. Unfortunately, since the "from program" in the AS/400 job
log is either JDEKRNL or JDELIB, there's nothing they can do. They said
that if I sent the logs to JDE, they should be able to figure out what the
problem is.

So, I sent the JDE.LOG and the job log from the AS/400 to JDE and they were
only interested in looking at the JDE.LOG. I think I just need someone
who's very knowledgeable with OneWorld and the AS/400 to look at my logs,
but I can't seem to find anyone.

I'm also having another problem which I think is related. Every so often,
these same UBE's will say DONE in OneWorld and print, but will remain
processing on the AS/400. I have to manually end it.

Any and all help would certainly be appreciated. I will be out of the
office next week, so hopefully someone has some great solution that they can
post ASAP.

Michelle Dulay
ERP Coordinator
BFGoodrich Aerospace
Chandler Evans Control Systems
email: [email protected]

OneWorld B7322 with the MFG Mini-Cum, coexistent with World A7.3
AS400 V4R3 Enterprise Server
Windows NT SQL V6.5 Deployment Server
SynQuest V5.07.02
NT Logic - between AS400 (OneWorld) and HP9000 (SynQuest)

OneWorld B7322, MFG Mini-Cum, coexistent World A7.3
AS400 V4R3 ES