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After dealing with JDE authentication for 15 years in the context of our ESI JDE SSO solution, we have decided to offer this new service: https://everestsec.com/

JDE cybersecurity deserves much more attention. There can be a number of viable attack vectors, not addressed in most typical installations. Your system may not be safe. That is: until it's Everest-safe.

Trust Everest, trust yourself. Anyone else tells you that your system is safe, take it with a pinch of salt.
Contact us for a demo, so you can appreciate the severity of the problem and the level of threat firsthand.

We use proprietary tools for these tests and then offer a proprietary software patch to address the most severe issue when present.
The yearly rate of hacking attempts is on the rise. As are reports of successful penetrations and the long lists of victims. What are you planning to do about that?
https://everestsec.com/ - nobody knows JDE access security like we do.
Some of the issues we are addressing must be seen to be appreciated (or even believed). We can demo some of these vulnerabilities, please contact us to book a demo. You really do not want your JDE system compromised, it would be a complete disaster.
Is your JDE system exposed to The Internet? Or maybe if your employees must VPN in, can a VPN password be compromised? Or can someone walk into any of your offices under false pretenses with a laptop and plug it in? Maybe you have a global network with some connected offices located in risky jurisdictions? Perhaps a disgruntled employee may harbor ill-will?

Now, it would not take a lot of time to map your entire network, maybe 5min. Then it would take another 5min or so to scan all ports on all computers in your network. This data can be analyzed to discover all types of servers, including any JDE Server Manager, Enterprise, JAS and AIS servers, to mention but a few. And then the known vulnerabilities can give the intruder full access to any part of the system. Sounds far-fetched? Not at all, it is more real than you think.

What roadblocks exist in your network and applications for malicious actors? What actions are logged? There can be many questions and as many answers, but the only security measures specifically developed for JDE are available from Everest Security International, exclusively. Do not wait for any of the above to happen to you, take action to insulate your JDE from such threats now, Start here: https://www.everestsec.com/

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