JDE 9.10 F4211 - Standard fields free of use


Hello all,

First of all I would like to excuse me because I don´t have too much experience developing in JDE.

My customer would like to use a field from table F4211 (JDE 9.10) to indicate a custom string (less than 10 characters). Would it be possible? Is there any standard field "free" that I could use?
Would it be better other option? My idea is to avoid adding a new field to the F4211 or creating an auxiliary file.




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1. You are correct to avoid adding a new field to any standard JDE table. Custom Tag (auxiliary) tables are a common approacvh however.
2. That ARE some standard fields available for Customer User in most JDE tables - they are called:
URDT - User Reserved Date
URCD - User Reserved Code (Char 2)
URAT - User Reserved Amount (Numeric - 15.2)
URAB - User Reserved Address Book Number (Numeric - 8.0)
URRF - User Reserved Reference (Char 15)
3. In addition there may be some standard fields of the size you need that are unused by your client. However it is best to be cautious about using these since a non-blank value may trigger built-in behavior in the code. I have done this but only after research and testing.

Your best option is to use URRF if its not already used. If that's not available and you're not that familiar with JDE I think I'd advocate the Tag table approach.

My sympathies. Sales Order module has some of the most complex code in JDE with tendrils that spread over a lot of programs. Have fun!


Hi Marta,

You can check with your F4210 table Records with the non blank filter records in the data field. URRF, IR01 to IR05 you can use to store the values.