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JDB Select Keyed Failed error in Crystal

Parag K

I have one custom table in JDE F55XXXX and one report in crystal is based on the same table F55XXXX.

I have added one new column in F55XXXX in JDE. that new column is not reflecting in field explorer of the Crystal.

I did "refresh databse", "logon and Off server" & "Verify Databse" in crystal but not worth.

also that report is giving me the error JDB SelectKeyed Failed.

How to resolve this error...

Please Help....

I am using CRYSTAL Report RI X2 and JDE 811...



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Did you regenerate your table, and index(s) after adding the new column? Check your database table to make sure the new field exists.


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I'm assuming your using the E1 supplied ODBC connection. Your post doesn't specify how your connecting to the data. If so, this is likely to be a problem with local specs on the machine. Crystal uses those local specs to provide the descriptions you see in the field explorer. You'll need to log into the fat client on that machine and go into OMW. Add the table to your default project and do an advanced get from the path your querying. Once you've gotten the specs you can remove the table from your default project.

After that, open the report in Crystal verify the database. It should update and fix your problem.

An alternative is to identify the package the table change was deployed in for the environment your getting the error on and install this package on your machine. This will update your local specs as well and bring any other table changes that might have been delivered in that package.