J.D.Edwards vs SAP, technical arena


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We are on a technical battle versus SAP.
Does anyone knows the technical issues to win versus SAP
advantages or disadvantages.

S. Vargas
OW Xe SP16.1, NT 4.0 Sqlserver 7

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I would emphasize that JDE is a less expensive technical platform than SAP.

That JDE is based on C++ a standard programming language as opposed to ABAP.

That JDE's soft coding features allow it to be implemented and maintained at
less cost than SAP.

That SAP requires extensive custom coding to achieve the flexibility inherent
in JDE.

That SAP is geared to the largest companies and is not going to be that
responsive to the needs of small and mid-sized firms.

That JDE has always had mid-sized firms as its focus and is a better fit for
those firms than SAP.

That JDE's technical infrastructure makes it easier to integrate other
applications than SAP's.

That there is a higher rate of failures with multi-million dollar write off's
with SAP implementations than with JDE implementations.

I hope that helps.