Issue with importing grid rows for tools


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There seems to be an error with the import assistant. After you click 'continue', the records you were attempting to import disappear. Has anyone else experienced this? Its likely a problem on any 9.1.5.x TR upgrade. Oracle did give us a paper fix, but it only partially resolved the problem- the problem seems to come back on any import over >250 records, but even that number isn't consistent.

Oracle states that it'll be fixed in, but there's no official release date. Just says 2105 - Q2.
Do they "appear" if you refresh the browser or click on the same app in the app history?
It's not a browser version issue is it?

We have had issues with exporting data related to browser versions.
If anyone else encounters this problem, there's a fix Oracle can direct your way. It involves changing a 'MaxRequestParameterCount' setting in Weblogic. You have to set it to -1 instead of the 1000 that's in the document. Its not an ESU or an INI type setting. You have to access it via the Weblogic command line console:

How to Set the MaxRequestParameterCount Value in WebLogic Server (Doc ID 1505598.1)