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Invoice options are set to print only those detailed sales lines that have shipped confirmed and not yet invoiced. We want to include back-ordered lines associated with an order, but these lines have a last status of 900 or 904 and have not been shipped confirmed. What solutions have been used to include information about backordered sales lines on invoices?


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I'm not sure if this is what you want...
On the Print tab of the Processing Options for the R42565, Option 2 is "Print Backordered/Cancelled Lines" and putting a 1 in signifies Print Backordered lines.
Could you use this, and maybe Next Status, rather than Last?

Hope this helps,

Customer: Xe/NT/Oracle (and FCC1.5)
Office: B7331/NT/SQL
Even though the 1 is entered into the processing options for invoices, the back-ordered lines are still not printing. Even if we use Next Status, which would be "Invoice", a backordered line has a next status to either a print pick ticket or ship confirm. If it's next status was to invoice, then it wouldn't be backordered. The problem with last status is that since it's a range this would include those items which have already invoiced, which is not what we want.

I appreciate these ideas, got any more?

Your problem (?) was very challenging. I believed that I have found a way to put on it.
Steps to reproduce:
1.Confirm Shipment (P4205)– PO – Default – Remaining Backordered Qty =580
2.Print Invoice (R42565)
- PO - Default
a. Last status from = nothing
b. Next status from = 580
c. Based on status = 2
- PO – Print – Print Backordered lines = 1
- Data selections
a. BC Status Code Next is equal to 580
3.Normally, you would like to process backordered qty. through all the activity rules steps. To do this you’ll have to make the appropriate configuration in P42117 Release Backorders Online – PO - Defaults

As well as Stewart, I’m not sure if this if what you want …. because invoice will include also extended value for qty backordered and this amount is subject of VAT applications …and if you run Sales update you will see that this amount increase customer receivable account.

Please let me know if this way suits you.
Since we do not want backorder activity to continue through the order activity rules to the invoice process, I don't think this solution will work either. We want backorders to remain as a "pickable, then shippable" items until the backorder is resolved. We only want the invoice to show information regarding the items and quantities on backorders, but we do not want to extend prices and bill the customer or affect his Accts Receivable.

Thanks for your input!