Infocus or Collaborate

Michael L.

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For CNC's, if you could only attend one, which would you attend and maybe a couple examples why? A few BP's have mentioned to my director, better to attend Infocus not Collaborate.

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If you are interested only in JDE, then InFocus might be better for you. Collaborate also includes all other Oracle products, including core technology such as Oracle database and Oracle WebLogic. Collaborate is a much larger conference, runs Sun - Thu and is more expensive registration than InFocus. My preference is for Collaborate. Incidentally, it has been held in Las Vegas for several years now (including this year), but in 2019 it will be in San Antonio -- a venue I'm looking forward to.
Don, thank you for your response, much appreciated.

Does tis mean Core technologies like Oracle database, Oracle WebLogic, perhaps sales Cloud, ESSBASE, Build pro etc.. would not be discussed at INFOCUS? Do the vendors like ALLOUT, ReportsNow, Platinum JD Edwards business partners and the likes not attend INFOCUS?

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To the best of my knowledge (and I haven't attended InFocus since its first year), you will find all things JD Edwards at InFocus. It is meant to be a deeper dive event than Collaborate. My hunch is that you won't find a lot of content at InFocus about core technologies, but maybe someone who has attended more recently can confirm or deny that. Vendors definitely attend InFocus, they usually have an exhibit area (albeit much smaller than Collaborate's), plus they will be presenting at many of the educational sessions. Any recent InFocus attendees out there who would like to offer a more up-to-date view on the conference?
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I have been attending both of these every year. Here are my inputs.

- Yes InFocus is more JD Edwards focused , but the last few years, they still do touch on Cloud and other Oracle Products and technologies that compliment JDE (not necessarily replace JDE)
- Collaborate is a longer conference as Don mentioned and overall more exhausting I think. The venue is much bigger , lots more distances to walk to get from one place to another and many more people.
- I usually see more attendance from the Denver JDE Product folks at InFocus because it's closer and easier for them, but the key folks are always there at both conferences.
- Nearly all Business Partners and JDE Product Vendors attend InFocus also.

I would suggest looking at the education agenda and schedule for both conferences (Collaborate 2018 is available , Infocus you will need to look at 2017 to get an idea) to get a better idea.