Full Package Build


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Hi List,

I just finished building a completely new environment, pathcode - the whole
works. In order to test a client package prior to having to build a full
package, I copied the most recent PROD package (and its directories) in
Deployment and renamed it to the new package name. Pulled this package down to
a client ran all tests, ran UBEs locally and everything seemed to work fine!

Having tested it, I kicked off a full package build for the server and client
overnight. Unfortunately, I am finding that both the builds failed -
specifically building the SPEC records. In comparing this new environment to
our PROD (from where I copied all specs and data) I found the SPEC folder of the
new environment in deployment, enterprise and application servers does not have
all the files, specifically the gbrspec files.

What did I do wrong? Can I cheat, and copy these folders from a good PROD full
package to this new path's directories? But then, how will I know what really
caused the specs not to be build?

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

Dave Laha
Deployment, 1 Enterprise + 2 Application Servers
Citrix Metaframe