FTP Login Fails


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I am trying to load a one-off for XE on our HP9000 enterprise server. I
complete the first several steps and then when I ftp to our deployment
server and try to login it fails. I have tried several different logins
with the same results. Any ideas to correct this login failure??


Dave Rammer
Sheboygan County IS Dept

Prod: B7331 SP11.2 | Oracle 8.0.6 | Enterprise HP-UX 11.0 | Application W2K

Test: XE Update 2 SP16 | Oracle 8.0.6 | Enterprise HP-UX 11.0 | Application

If I understand you correctly you are on the Unix box attempting to FTP to your Deployment box, probably using the JDE account, right?

Anyway when you try the FTP login in this manner that connection is validated using the local domain account and password, not your network domain acct/password. Go onto the deployment server and set the JDE local domain account's password to the same as your network domain and try again. Or use the local domain Admninistrator account and password if you know that.

Let us know if this was it.


Larry Jones
[email protected]
OneWorld XE, SP 15.1
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
Mfg, Distribution, Financials