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I have a work file table which contains the information of FY,MCU,DOCO,DCT,MN,WOD1,WOD2.In this work we are storing the value as 15,xyz,S4,RI,1,56NQ01,56NA01 Like that for all 12 months bucket. Similarly for Purchase Items with value change in WOD1 as 56PQ01,56PA01 for all 12 months.
WOD1,WOD2 actually stores the alias name of jde which we are using in another custom table.

Based on this Work File we have to write a report reading the record from f4111 and store the information in another custom table
Structured as
ihfy,ihmcu,ihitm,ihlitm,ih56nq01 up ihnq12,ihna01 to ihna12,ihpq01 to ihpq12,ihpa01 to ihpa12.
How we can map the value which we are getting in Work File WOD1,WOD2 with another custom table field and update the value of f4111.


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Hi SankaraNaryanan,

Will you please let us know what is your proficiency in report writing.

This can be done using joined business view, or using fetch operations.