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Fat Client JDE 9.10 Error After install VS2013


Hi, I've installed JDE 9.10 Fat client and running for few years but after install visual studio 2013 I can't log in into Fat Client.
In my jde.log i have these errors:

1552/5768 MAIN_THREAD Thu Jul 16 08:52:26.164000 Jdb_ctl.c4081
Starting OneWorld

1552/5768 MAIN_THREAD Thu Jul 16 08:52:34.401000 dbinitdr.c159
OCI0000358 - Unable to create Oracle environment handle

1552/5768 MAIN_THREAD Thu Jul 16 08:52:34.402000 Jdb_drvm.c614
JDB9900162 - Failed to initialize db driver for jdboci111.DLL

1552/5768 MAIN_THREAD Thu Jul 16 08:52:34.402001 Jdb_omp1.c1928
JDB9900254 - Failed to initialize driver.

and i can't browse environtments an roles. When i try to change that i get the error

Requested form could not be started due to missing specification (ASVRHDR)

Can anyone help me???