F4211FSEditLine without F4211FSBeginDoc



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Typical order entry i fire F4211FSBegin Doc, edit line, end doc etc etc

I'm wondering, if I just need to add a new line to the sales order, do I need to call begin doc when NOTHING in the F4201 would directly change from typical sales order entry, or can I just execute F4211FSEditLine, end doc etc etc?


for giggles I tried to execute F4211FSEditLine from object browser without a begin doc. see attached. I get 2 errors about tax :/ we use vertex.


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Without using F4211FSBeginDoc BSFN,F4211FSEditLine will not work.It should not create the Order Lines in F4201 & F4211.F4211FSEndDoc is the BSFN will commit the records in to Sales Order Header & Detail.We must & should use the F4211FSBeginDoc BSFN.
For Adding the New Line in the Detail for existing order, F4211FSBeginDoc BSFN is in Copy Mode(Action Code'C') and F4211FSEditLine BSFN is in Add Mode(Action Code'A').This will help for your requirement.

If you want to add one line to F4211, do you have to update F4201 total ?