EventRule running Variance


Hi Everyone,

When running R31804 version XJDE0001, which bump the status of work orders from '97' to '98', it errors out and I get the message 'EventRule: Business Function UpdateWorkOrderVarianceFile at line 59 for Event 13 in Section Work Order Variance F3102, F31 has caused a memory violation.' on the second page of the PDF. This is providing I have a work order in a status of '97'. If there is no work order in the '97'status to process, the job does go to a 'DONE' status.

I get this error even if there is only 1 work order in a '97' status to be processed.

This happens in all environments and I've tried restoring the Pristine objects and refreshing them on the server as well as regenerating the F3102 table.

Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks in advance!!