ESU load times and progress indicators


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I am currently loading the JD10371 'Planner' ESU into my DV environment. I have select 'Unattended Workbench' and 'Backup' options. AFter 18 hours it is still backing up!

How long should it take for an 8MB ESU to load (via SU program). Ball park figure.

My system is: ES - duel P3 500's with 2GB ram. Deployment is P3 550's with 512 mb Ram. Database is well laid out re: disk/controller setups, etc.

Should I even use the backup option in the Software updates program? And how can I tell just how far along the update is??

Thanks for your help/suggestions.

Prod: XE Update1 SP15, oneoffs, ES/DS:NT4 SP6a, Oracle, FAT(W2K SP1), Citrix XP(W2K SP1)


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Hi Harry,

In fact I loaded this ESU today against DV7333 and it took less than an hour with a backup. Now I am applying Update 2 to a few path codes ... good fun.

I have noticed the software update application can sometimes get hung up and do nothing. This has happened to me a few times when I have used the backup function. Whether or not you use the backup really depends on you. If you want to be able to restore the path code to the state prior to applying the ESU, do the backup.

In terms of monitoring progress, start your Server Manager (on NT) or Computer Management console (on W2K). Choose the open files monitor. After all you table conversions (UDC, Menus, Workflow, etc.) have run you can watch your R98700 spec merge progress. You will notice that the GBRSPEC file in the Planner/Package/ESUName folder is the driving file. If you refresh every couple of seconds you will see that the other spec files are opened periodically and then closed. First the R98700 will do the Business Functions, then Applications/Forms, PO Templates and then Reports. You can't really see where the R98700 is within the process, but you can at least verify that it is still processing.


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Harry :

My Deployment very similar to yours, but JD10371 only took 10 minutes.
I strongly believe that your Deployment has crashed.
Never use neither Backup nor Unattended Workbench. Never!
It's much better to backup manually your databases and pathcodes before
installing that ESU than relying on JDE backup strategy.
If you're running on SQL, you may see the ESU progress by checking how
the JDE_DV7333 and JDE7333 Transaction Logs are increasing.
For example, Update1 added 250 Mb to my JDE_DV7333 Transaction Log.

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I too am running this same process with almost identical hardware. Mine took
about 2 hours yesterday to complete. I also used unattended workbench as
well as backup. Did you execute the "Special Instructions" for SAR 4533357

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