Dreamwriter vs Worldwriter


Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me to brief the difference between "Dreamwriter vs Worldwriter" (JDE World A7.3).

I appreciate your help and thanks in advance



DREAMWriter reports are the canned reports found throughout JDEdwards.
They are called canned reports because the report layout is predetermined.
For the most part, sequencing is also predetermined. In some cases you can
manipulate the sequence but it has been known to produce erroneous reports.
So is it recommended that Data Sequencing not be changed. You can change
the report titles, processing options and data selections. Some processing
options allow manipulation of the report layout. DREAMWriters report from
one "based on file" for example the F0311 or F0411. Dreamwriters are not
very versatile reporting tools due to limitations in layout, sequencing but
it is a quick way to get data from your system with little or no setup

WorldWriters are completely user defined reports. The user defines the
based on file or files, selects the fields that are used for selection and
printing. The user also defines totaling and sequencing You can use
different totalling methods such as summing, averaging, minimum or maximum
value and or a count of occurrences. You can report from any file
including some non JDE files. I believe up to 32 files can be joined
although I have personally never joined more than 4 or 5. You can also
use World Writer reports to update fields in a file. For example you can
create a world writer to update payment limits on your vendors. I find WW
is one of the most versatile report writers within JDE.

You also have FASTR's which are somewhat similar to DreamWriters but they
allow more flexibility in the defining the format. You can determine
layout, column headings, size of columns, sequence of data and selection of
data. Rows and Cells may also be defined. The limitation of this tool is
that all you can only report off the Account Balances File. Fastr's can
also be used to create monthly journal entries, analyze expenditures to
budgets, create financial statements for downloads to PC spreadsheets,
analyze accounts with subledgers, analyze monthly variances and verify
clearing or contras accounts.

Hope this helped


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Worldwriter is an SQL based ad hoc report writer capable of printer or file
output and capable of joining multiple files. Essentially, it's Query400
customized a bit for JDE.

Dreamwriter's are part of process' as well as being a reporting tool (albeit
a poor one).

Dreamwriters are used to create payment groups and check runs in AP and to
create invoices in AR as well as batch posting. Most menu selections have a
dreamwriter behind them effecting how you interface with the next screen.

Dreamwriters are BAD at reporting.
Worldwriters don't do process'.


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World Writer is a report writing tool. You have have customized reports using this tool.

Dream Writer should have a program - behind it. Dream writer is a tool which can be used for Data Sequencing, Extraction - Selection and also a form for additional User inputs (Processing Option).
You have forms to specify them but u actually need Program to retrieve these and use these.

World writer is similar to QMQRY's or Query Managers.


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I agree somewhat with what ELAINE_TUFO is saying, the Dream Writers are not
just canned reports, you can create your own programs and versions. You can
change the sorting on many of the canned reports and still have them
work.......you have to look at the CL to be sure it is using JDE's file sort
I disagree with dale_draper saying that Dream Writers are a bad reporting
tool. We create custom reports all of the time for our users with just
about any type of processing options they want. It is a pretty powerful

A World Writer is like a Query........you name the file(s) that you need,
link them together, pick the fields for your report, perform any calcs you
need, select any sorting and totaling. When you run this it calls JDE
programs to produce your report. With a World Writer the Data Selection
cannot be prompted for user input. With a World Writer you can update some
field(s) in a file, but only in a given file, you cannot select multiple
files in a World Writer for data updating.

A Dream Writer is more powerful because you can add Processing Options for
user input for processing. It is a program that you have written in-house or
is a JDE program. The program is written to read a primary file, chain/read
other file(s), perform calcs and output data to a system printer file or an
external printer file. The Dream Writer Version you create, tells what the
primary file is, what Processing Options you have, Data Selection and
Sorting. With a Dream Writer you can have the prompt the Processing Options
and/or Data Selection for input. This program can create a report, do
multi-file updates, record deletes, etc.
Dream Writers are also used for display programs, so you can use processing
options to control what and how data is loaded to the screen. You can also
lilmit the amount of data or a users information by using the data

Both are good tools and bot have their purposes.



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To Al at RSV:

I think you do not understand the completely generic aspects of DreamWriter, and are selling it short. It's an incredibly powerful tool and is not restricted to transaction files. It will allow user-defined data selection of any file: physical, logical, or joined logical. I think if you were to better understand this exceptional tool, you would also be impressed with its usefulness.


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I agree with Sally - DreamWriter is a tool for building extremely flexible applications within the JDE World Software framework.

If you consider that the following items are all really components of DreamWriter:

1) Flexible specification of the column headings and constants on reports & videos (Vocabulary Overrides).

2) Flexible selection of records to process

3) Ability to define multiple versions of the same report with different control breaks/totaling, with only _ONE_ RPG program to maintain (unlike WorldWriter, where every version is basically a program unto itself).

4) The ability to specify processing options so that you _NEVER_ have to hard-code any constant data within your programs (for both report programs and online programs). This also allows for flexible use of online programs, for example Sales Order entry allows you to define different versions to use for entering various types of orders.

5) Finally, If you have a technical background and learn how to use the JDE CASE tool to develop RPG applications you'll see the true power of Dreamwriter. I can develop very sophisticated report programs that perform multiple level breaks with flexible totaling in a little more time than it would take to create a WorldWriter.

Also, there are cases where you cannot use WorldWriter - for example, you cannot update multiple files with a single WorldWriter.

Using the CASE tool, I can also develop an online program in a fraction of the time it would take to hand-code the same program.

Just my Humble Opinion,


Hello. I just moved my JDE A7.3 from iSeries v5r4 to v7.1. I can get my WW & FASTR reports to run, but my DREAM Writer reports (most of them) are failing to print. Has anyone seen this before? I have replaced the JDFOBJ directory after moving to the new server.

Any thoughts?

Bob Mann


If you have not downloaded and installed the A7.3 patch for V7.1 that more than likely is the cause. A quick verification would be to run the V6.1 ana lysis utility that IBM provides this will tell you all the objects that are not compatible with the newer releases. If you are on maintenance, the pa tch is available on the update center.

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Hello. I just moved my JDE A7.3 from iSeries v5r4 to v7.1. I can get my WW & FASTR reports to run, but my DREAM Writer reports (most of them) are fail ing to print. Has anyone seen this before? I have replaced the JDFOBJ direc tory after moving to the new server.

Any thoughts?


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