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Dev. Machine: (MSSQL & IBM WebSphere) Express vs Oracle (DB & App Server)

Dev Machine: Red Stack Or Blue Stack?

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Just want to know what the majority of development machines use: Blue vs Red Stack.

Since the very beginning of EnterpriseOne (8.0 ... 8.12) I used MSSE & WebSphere.
Now, while upgrading to 9.10, the consultant setup the red stuff on the development virtual machine, powered by one processor and 3GB RAM.
What says JDE List?

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Chan Rana

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For E1 installation 8.12 and above i have worked on Red stack for 90% of the clients. I found where ever they used the Integration they(had to) switch to Red stack.



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There are also some of us with MSS and OAS, but there's no option in the poll for that.