Data Purge Procedures


We are in the process of developing Data Purge procedures and will be attempting our first purge of data since being on JDE. Financials have been live since October 1999 and Distribution since June 2000. We utilize a data warehouse so we'd like to keep the transactions file size to a 'reasonable' minimum.

I know that data purge can be a real 'gotcha' so if anyone has put together procedures or would be will to share knowledge about this area, it would be greatly appreciated.

AS/400, Co-existence, A7.3 Cume 11, B7332 SP 10 (Soon to be Xe).

Thank you

DeeAnn M. Drew
Briggs Corporation
515-327-8740 (w)
515-327-6421 (f)
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We currently purge/archive the following modules/files. AP, Purchasing, FA, GL detail and balances, Address Book.

All of the created purge files are copied into an archive library that users may access. For detail transactions we keep the current year and 1 prior. Balances - current + 2 prior.

Beware the AB purge, it does NOT create a purge file; once run the records are gone. Also, batches have no purge utility, they can be removed through the batch to detail/out of balance integrity. (If you remove them you can create issues in your archive environment.)

I would strongly recommend a Knowledge Garden check prior to running any of the programs, ever.

Also, we chose to not purge the inventory files due to the potential risks to our particular system.

You may contact me directly with any specific questions.

George Cole
ALLTEL Corporation
[email protected]

Install 1 - World A7.3 cume 10
Install 2 - B7331 Coexist AS400, Xe migration in process