coexistence Xe and A73E9

Dear jdelist

has anybody made a coexistence upgrade to Xe? What are your experience? We have open issues eg. in purchasing and sales since the tables are not specified the same in Xe and the CUM Upgrade level X3 (F4311T, F43121T, F4101T, F4981, F4950,...).

A non-coexistence upgrade to Xe does not suffer this problems.


Platform: ENT: AS400/V4R4; DEP: W2000/SP1
Release: World A7.3E9, OneWorld 73.3.2 (live)/Xe
Service Pack: SP11.2/SP15
Database: DB2/400, CO on SQL Server2000


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"has anybody made a coexistence upgrade to Xe?"
Guess not, you must be the only one ? <BG>

Please, give us a full report when you're done, heck, can you give us a
synopsis to date?
V4R4, waiting for a few cumm's before upgrading to V5R1 (it has Apache , SSL
and lot's more built in, I can't wait!)