Clearing Tables in Xe ??



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Hi List.
Prior to Xe, we used BSFN "B8000002 - DeleteAllRowsFromTable" to clear a
I don't remember if there was a second parameter for this BSFN in B7332,
but now there is an "OutputEnvHandle" parameter.

The "Business Function Notes" identifies B8000007 as a prerequisite.
So now we have:
B8000007 - Get Input Output Env Handles, using SL LoginEnvironment as the
input parameters.
B8000007 - Free Input Output Env Handles
B8000002 - Delete All Rows From Table

Debug shows that SL LoginEnvironment = PY7333
and the new "OutputEnvHandle" parameter = 58
but the file is not being cleared.

Can anybody suggest a solution ?

Joseph Sadler,
World Vision Canada.
Helping the children of war and poverty, the world over.
Xe SP13, NT4 SQL 7, AS/400.