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Can anyone help me figure out why a user using Crystal Reports cannot use all Business Views when using the ODA driver. I have all the ODBC settings correnct and the setting for the ODA driver to Business Views only, but the user can create a report with some of the Bus Views but not all. The one's she cannot use is the Views she needs. Has anyone else had this problem.

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Been fighting this for months. Cannot get an answer anywhere. The only
reference on Seagate's website mentions version 7.3. The new 8.5 doesn't
work either. Finally just gave up and used the alias'.



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Re: RE: Business View in Crystal Reports

This is not a Crystal Reports issue.

Check out document Oti-00-0087 on the knowledge garden. It documents this and other issues with ODA (one of many reasons why we don't use it).

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RE: RE: Business View in Crystal Reports

I am having trouble with a program processing too fast on our server and was
wondering if anyone had seen this issue with this program or similar
programs. Here are the details.

I am running the auto receipts Update Receipts Register R03B551 program.
When I run this program on the server it will process about 10 records then
die. If I run it again it will process about 10 then die again. When I run
this same program with the same data and data selection, processing options
etc. locally on a fat client everything works fine. It appears to be a
record unlocking/locking issue. I was looking for a way to put a pause in
between the processing of the records to slow the processing. I have
already tried adding every data selection and sequencing to the program but
it is not slowing down enough to process on the server. This program was
running fine on the server until we had a DBA come in and fine tune our
database to increase speed. I don't know what all he did but I was told
that he just created more indexes.

Thank You

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Sounds like permissions on the view need to be adjusted (added) for
the person using Crystal Reports (whatever user ID they are logging in
as) on the database side. Your DBA should be able to fix this quickly.

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