BF B3400370


Hi List,
I was asked to modify B3400370 (MRPWriteOnHandLotQtyToCacheA).
The BF fetches from F4801 the Lot Expiration Date (F4801.MMEJ)that
is referenced in c code as &dsF4108ColArray.iommej.
The date involved in MRP calculation should not be &dsF4108ColArray.iommej any longer but that date - (sub) a fixed number of days (called Sell Until Date).
I changed C code (line 212) this way :
AdvanceDate ( &dsF4108ColArray.iommej , &dsF4108ColArray.iommej , lpDS->nDays)
where lpDS->nDays is the fixed number of days.

My question is : does this change work properly?
Sorry but I am kind of newbye in C.
Thak You.

Robert Lowell


Why are you doing this? It looks like you are trying to do something that is
handled in standard preference profiles.