B4200420 & B4200310 passing additional parameter


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Hello All,

Thanks to this group for all help. I am customizing B4200310 F4211 End Doc & B4200420 Credit Check. From B4200310 (End Doc) I need to pass a new parameter i.e Payment Terms to B4200420 (Credit check). So I have changed D4200420 and added PTC. Copied the structure and pasted in B4200310.h file. Now from B4200310 before CreditCheckProcessing, I map zhptc as below to the new data structure created. This change is in I4200310_ProcessCreditCheck routine called from I4200310_ProcessHdrRcd.

I need Payment terms to retrieve from custom udc and since this is not in B4200420, I thought to add it to structure.

jdeStrcpy((JCHAR *)dsD4200420.szOrderKeyCompany,(const JCHAR *)lpdsF42UI01->zhkcoo);
jdeStrcpy((JCHAR *)dsD4200420.szPaymentTerms, (const JCHAR *)lpdsF42UI01->zhptc);

idReturnValue = jdeCallObject(_J("CreditCheckProcessing"),
NULL, lpBhvrCom,lpVoid,(LPVOID)&dsD4200420,
(JCHAR *)NULL,(int)0);

But this does not work. Even I tried to hard code PTC = "ABC" but it does not pass anything to B4200420. I am missing some action. I did build the BSFN locally for testing. Any pointers, ideas ?

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I got this solution. Just posting if it help.
=> B4200420 is called from multiple BSFN in P42101 i.e B4200310 and B4210400. So my logic in B4200310 was working, how when the BSFN was called from B4210400 the new parameter was blank.