Auditing New Accounts in the F0901


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Our internal and external auditing staff are requesting a report that shows them all income and balance sheet accounts that have been CREATED or MODIFIED during a certain time.

We've *discussed* using auditing, but with our file currently loading 7 million plus which includes MAINLY Job Cost budget accounts - we feel auditing may be overwhelmed with irrelevant updates.

Does anyone have a practice that they've put in place that has satisified their auditing teams?

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Annie Altenhofen
Layne Christensen
E1 - 9.0
Many years ago I setup the AS/400 triggers every time a new account was created. This client also had Job Cost and tons of Budget accounts as well. At that time they were on One World XE. There was no noticeable difference in response time. Looking at my old notes, they had well over 10,000,000 F0901 records! The auditors were very happy campers. They were able to query the records outside the JDE System so the JDE administrators were happy campers too!

As for the E1 auditing feature, I set it up once but it was used only for a short time so I cannot give you any feedback on this.