Anyone using E1 Pages exclusively across their 9.1 install sites? (No usermenu/tasks)

Well here's my opinion.

E1 Pages are much MUCH friendlier and more productive for the End User compared to the Navigator. Navigator needs to be thrown away and redesigned - its ugly. They should go back to pre-navigator menu navigation for an example of how to do it better.

E1 Pages have warts also:
1. Unfinished (creating and editing ...)
2. Only partially integrated into JDE Security (if user unable to run app then it shouldn't be shown)
3. Not part of promotion process (I believe?)

Despite all that our users really like the E1 Pages and its not hard to understand why. 90% of users will use less than a dozen apps 90% of the time. Why not make it extremely easy to find/launch those common apps? OK - its more work for the Admins ... Yay! Another reason for the company to keep us around!

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Hi Larry, Thanks for your insights on this topic. Do you know why I am not seeing the E1 pages templates claimed by Oracle publicly available document in our environment. I would like to start creating E1 pages for my users and I would appreciate if I could use some templates to start designing the pages from. I am reading this bad boy
Thank you sir!
If you've made a composite page and added other 'tiles' to it and they are UDO based objects, then you need to share them too.

If you mean the role based landing pages that they've already made it's the same idea. Get the UDO for that page and get CNC to share ALL objects in that page for whateverrole or user you want to use them with. Watchlists, the smaller tike page graphs etc. Links on the right should be fine.