Additional record on F0311 created by Sales Update with zero amount.


I'm using Localization Brazil, and when we run P42800 for a Sales Order using a Payment Terms with Discount and Installment, additional not desirable records are created in A/R. Also Doc Pay item (SFX) is out of sequence.


Document 18702 - Amount 2.456,86
Payment Terms: 3 installment 30/60/90 days

A/R (F0311)

Dct Doc SFX Open Amount PST
RI 18702 001 818,87 A
RI 18702 003 818,87 A
RI 18702 004 819,12 A
RI 18702 002 P
RI 18702 005 P
RI 18702 006 P

Does anyone have ever seen this ? It seems that "ICMS Tax Line" (lnty='BX') is the problem.
this particular issue was solved by setting XT0311Z1 processing option # 4 to 1. Enter a 1 to calculate
the Discount Due Date using Payment Terms when there is no discount available