1. arthart

    User-submitted UBE always in W status

    Greetings, I have a single user defined as other users (i.e. no user account batch queue assigned, only at the role-level). They submit UBEs as others but ever UBE they submit goes immediately to W status and never executes. Other users with the same role do not have this issue. I am hoping...
  2. Change log on user

    Dear CNC Gurus - need your advice -> Our JDE 9.2 E920 B9 Network service is started under .\JDE user (Windows server, 2012 R2). We would like to change logon user to another domain user, for example OURDOMAIN\JDEDOM. Is it possible? If yes, what steps should be done? Shall we also create JDEDOM...
  3. jdecoder

    Switch user sessions before UBE call

    Hi Everyone, I have a requirement where there is an existing driver UBE that is calling Multiple UBE dealing with different Interface files. Now they want to see specific User names as the audit info in the tables the child UBE updates. Illustration: Driver UBE D calls UBEs A,B,C,D Now they...
  4. alfredorz

    Validate User & Password (2)

    Hi guys, Before this thread I wrote a new post but I don't view it, I don't know if lost :( if finally appears I'll remove this post. I need a API/BSFN for validate user & password, you know if exists? o how can implement this? Thanks! Regards. Original post...