1. DynamicElber

    E9.1 Proper Setup of Superseded Part Numbers

    A while back, I was watching another company use Item Master in their setup of JDE and when a part was superseded, there was an indicator near the part number that told the user there was a new part number and what that new number was. Memory is foggy, but I want to say there was a message that...
  2. E9.2 Decimal Separator Issue - Language Level

    Hello All, I have an issue on the decimal separators. We have the JDE users with 'English' language having decimal separator as dot(.) while the 'German' language users have the decimal separator as comma (,). The German users too need the separator to be shown as a dot(.) instead of a comma. I...
  3. Set-up / change over times in rate schedules and capacity planning

    Hi All, Anybody out there with knowledge of how setup times are used in rate schedules? I am implementing rate schedules at a site where they have substantial setup times between products. My testing with various options set in the line scheduling workbench and at the production line ('work...