Set-up / change over times in rate schedules and capacity planning


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Hi All,
Anybody out there with knowledge of how setup times are used in rate schedules? I am implementing rate schedules at a site where they have substantial setup times between products. My testing with various options set in the line scheduling workbench and at the production line ('work center') have so far not produced a schedule that excluded the setup / changeover times from the capacity calculations. I can see the setup times on the work order routing against the individual work centers but how is this time seen for capacity planning purposes at the production line level?
I can see a potential workaround by creating dummy rate schedules for a change-over that can be slotted into the schedule at the appropriate point using the line scheduling / line sequencing workbenches but that will be a difficult sell to the customer. Surely there is a more elegant way to reflect changeover time in the line capacity?
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