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    JDE BI Publisher Dynamic password on .PDF Template

    I am curious if there is a way to Dynamically set the password on a Adobe .PDF Form Template like the T4's. I have done this on a .rtf using the xdo properties but am stumped on an Adobe Form
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    Global Password Policy

    Hi, I apologize for the stupid question but I'm a newbie to JDE and I've searched high and low but can't find an answer to this. We're currently on JD Edwards 9.0 and we're trying to implement a complex password policy. I can get to and change the settings on the global password policy screen...
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    ReconfigureMSDE.exe could not start the service OracleE1LocalTNSListener

    I am getting the "Unable to locate the Security Server" message after the password expired at the 6 month anniversary. JDE.log contains the following. 2292/3232 MAIN_THREAD Wed Jan 27 14:30:25.244000 Jdb_ctl.c4187 Starting OneWorld 2292/3232 MAIN_THREAD Wed Jan 27 14:30:28.432000...
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    Validate User & Password (2)

    Hi guys, Before this thread I wrote a new post but I don't view it, I don't know if lost :( if finally appears I'll remove this post. I need a API/BSFN for validate user & password, you know if exists? o how can implement this? Thanks! Regards. Original post...
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    OVM Templates adn root password

    I have trying to install JDE using the OVM templates following the OVM express installation guide (E54942-03). I have a server with OVS 3.3.1, OVManager and NFS/HTTP server running. I can go as far as launching the VM (the web server in this example) and its console. I can login as...