1. E9.2 P98LPSEC - All user records change frequency changed to 60

    We had security team change a change frequency on one JDE account and after they saved. All of the JDE accounts change frequencies where changed to 60 days. This has occurred twice this year so far. We are on Tools Release v. Has anyone come across this?
  2. JDE BI Publisher Dynamic password on .PDF Template

    I am curious if there is a way to Dynamically set the password on a Adobe .PDF Form Template like the T4's. I have done this on a .rtf using the xdo properties but am stumped on an Adobe Form
  3. Global Password Policy

    Hi, I apologize for the stupid question but I'm a newbie to JDE and I've searched high and low but can't find an answer to this. We're currently on JD Edwards 9.0 and we're trying to implement a complex password policy. I can get to and change the settings on the global password policy screen...
  4. ReconfigureMSDE.exe could not start the service OracleE1LocalTNSListener

    I am getting the "Unable to locate the Security Server" message after the password expired at the 6 month anniversary. JDE.log contains the following. 2292/3232 MAIN_THREAD Wed Jan 27 14:30:25.244000 Jdb_ctl.c4187 Starting OneWorld 2292/3232 MAIN_THREAD Wed Jan 27 14:30:28.432000...
  5. alfredorz

    Validate User & Password (2)

    Hi guys, Before this thread I wrote a new post but I don't view it, I don't know if lost :( if finally appears I'll remove this post. I need a API/BSFN for validate user & password, you know if exists? o how can implement this? Thanks! Regards. Original post...
  6. OVM Templates adn root password

    I have trying to install JDE using the OVM templates following the OVM express installation guide (E54942-03). I have a server with OVS 3.3.1, OVManager and NFS/HTTP server running. I can go as far as launching the VM (the web server in this example) and its console. I can login as...