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    Discount % - Cash Discount F4211.CADC

    Hello, Has anyone used this field in the F4211? We are considering usage of this field for manually calculate discounts at the line level in the P421002. So an example may be...... P421002 Grid: Item: QTY: Price: Discount%(CADC): Discounted Price: Extended...
  2. B

    Adding Sales Order Lines to P42101 Outside of Application

    Hi All, I have a requirement to enter header information from P421007 then take a form exit to another application I've built that contains a combination of F4101, F41021 fields (This app has additional functionality that filters the item list based on SRP codes but that isn't relevant for this...
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    P42101. Add new column to Sales Order Detail not working

    Hi, I'm trying to add three new columns to Sales Order Detail Subform (P421002) to add data to F4211. This columns aren't on the grid, so I searched for a documentation on the Knowledge Garden, and I found this case: "E1: FDA: User Reserved Fields URCD, URDT, URAT, URAB and URRF. (Doc ID...