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  1. J

    E9.2 Is it possible to configure negative inventory each by location ?

    Hello. I'd like to configure some location only allow negative qty in same branch. example. Row material location : not allow negative qty Semi Goods location : allow negative qty. Finished Goods location : not allow negative qty Is it possible ? I can't fine any option in P4100.
  2. U

    How to add a blank primary location

    Hi everyone, We are using JDE E1 9.1 and we are trying to add a blank primary location using the P4100. What are the steps to add a blank primary location? Thanks.
  3. J

    Locking a location to prevent transactions

    Is it possible to lock a location to prevent any transactions being done in it? The problem I have is that when we do physical inventory, people like to keep making transactions into and out of locations that have already been counted. The best we can do now is send a company-wide e-mail...