E9.2 Is it possible to configure negative inventory each by location ?


I'd like to configure some location only allow negative qty in same branch.

Row material location : not allow negative qty
Semi Goods location : allow negative qty.
Finished Goods location : not allow negative qty

Is it possible ? I can't fine any option in P4100.


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The rules on allowing negatives are set in the Processing Options of MOST versions that impact inventory.
So the closest you could get out of the box would be to provide different versions to the people/processes that "only" use these Semi-goods locations - not sure if that is workable for your business. Tools such as Security, AAI's / Flex accounting can be used to help control which versions are used with different product families.
Suggest you review which programs/versions are used to transact against Semi-goods and which ones truly need to police negatives (it may be a small list ;] )

Mike Mackinnon

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If you do use/allow negative inventory - watch unit costs.
Depending upon unit cost type it may completely screw up your costs in F4105.
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