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  1. R

    How to exactly use restAPI in nodejs environment with JDE/AIS?

    We are developing a portal which takes a file uploaded by a partner and passes the data to JDE. Before we can pass this data to JDE I wanna understand how exactly to make an API call to JDE using nodejs. for starters, I have an simple API call as seen below. Am I on the right track? I want to...
  2. mbashish

    Execute a custom javascript after an application error!!!

    Hello, In JDE EnterpriseOne, can we execute a custom javascript after an on-screen interactive application error in JDE? It should be an auto execute and user don't have to click on any button or something. The moment error is displayed on the screen, the script should be executed. Thanks in...
  3. mbashish

    Execute a custom javascript after an application error!!!

    Hi, Is there anyway, we can execute a custom javascript whenever an interactive application gives an on-screen error? Say, while entering an SO using standard P4210 application and the user gets some error on the screen. I want to execute a custom JavaScript immediately after the users gets...
  4. L

    Error when call BSSV webservice

    Hi I have a problem when I call BSSV from javascript. My call from javascript is: var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xmlhttp.open('POST', '', true); //the following variable contains my xml soap request...
  5. jdecoder

    Just want to combine two words JD Edwards & Word Prediction

    Hi All, I have a crazy requirement from one of the high ups in the company to have a custom word prediction feature on JDE application screens. The predictions are not just Auto Complete words or grammar but its JDE data, meaning when you enter a Item description all the Item description with...