Just want to combine two words JD Edwards & Word Prediction



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Hi All,
I have a crazy requirement from one of the high ups in the company to have a custom word prediction feature on JDE application screens. The predictions are not just Auto Complete words or grammar but its JDE data, meaning when you enter a Item description all the Item description with that word in it needs to come up as suggestion on the form control.

Now I know Form control does not have any alternate HTML formatting. And it has limited events nearly making it impossible.

But my attention went to the grid where they have a HTML option. HTML means it can render JS and if I can marry the HTML feature to leverage word prediction scripts may be I will get a promotion.

your thoughts please.

I believe Auto Suggest is what you are looking for

E1: GRID: Auto Suggest Feature in EnterpriseOne E1 9.1 Application Release and newer (Doc ID 1480526.1)
I once had a VP come to me carrying a "20 Questions" toy. It could usually guess within 20 questions an object you were thinking of.

He wanted me to come up real quick with something similar for his Field Service Technicians to troubleshoot issues with our products in the field.
After all if a toy can read your mind why can't we write a program to figure out what's wrong with our product?

<yes, I know things like that exist but contrary to C Level Execs opinion a great deal of time, expertise and expense goes into creating them - and they're still hit or miss sometimes>
That is exactly what I Need. Thanks. I'll Ask them to upgrade if you need this to work :p :p