1. BookClub

    E9.2 Converting Attachments and Placing Them Back

    Hello! I recently converted all of my attachments from RTF to HTML. I did this by pulling the GDTXFT field from F00165 using SQL and changing it from an image into readable RTF text like so: cast(cast(F00165.GDTXFT as varbinary(max)) as nvarchar(max)) I then changed the RTF as needed to make it...
  2. Export Media Objects w/ HTML Tags

    Hello, Is there a way to export media objects with the HTML tags? We need the formatting specified in the attachment (bold, italics, bullets, etc) to be exported so that text and formatting can be imported to another system. Thanks in advance!
  3. jdecoder

    Just want to combine two words JD Edwards & Word Prediction

    Hi All, I have a crazy requirement from one of the high ups in the company to have a custom word prediction feature on JDE application screens. The predictions are not just Auto Complete words or grammar but its JDE data, meaning when you enter a Item description all the Item description with...
  4. Excessive delay in Login and first time opening of any application - 9.1 tools 9.1.5

    Hi, We have a JDE lab instance running application 9.1 with tools Our WebLogic 12c based HTML server is having unexplained performance issues. Each time we login, it takes more than a 1.5 mins to come to home screen. Each time a new application is opened, it takes almost an eternity to...