fixed assets

  1. Fixed Aset - Posting Cost to Prior Periods - 9.2

    It is common here to have the asset cost hit the G/L months before it is added to the Fixed Assets. However, we were (under World) to post the cost to the assets in the prior period without opening the month since it was a net zero (same account) to the cost would appear in the F1202 in the...
  2. Fixed Assets, creating Asset Master by posting G/L to F/A, responsible bu?

    Hi all I'm trying to find out how to get automatic creation of Asset Master records by posting batch from G/L to F/A. I've done all the setups that I can find out in the manual. My general setup is one BU for BS, which is the same as the company number, 20. A lot of BU for P&L accounting, +100...
  3. Mass Upload of Depreciation Default?

    Hi everyone! I'm setting up some new companies in an old 8.11 version of E1 and are needing to create lots of depreciation default values. Is there a way to do a mass upload from Excel for this? Any input or advise will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Kenny
  4. How to use CAM time entry without Payroll module installed

    Hello there I'm wondering how can I configure time entry for Equipment Work Orders (CAM) if my client is not using Payroll module? As far as I know If you use time entry like in Manufacturing (Hours & Qtys P31122), then: 1.- the Actual Labor is not updated in Actual Labor in the Work order...
  5. Equipment Maintenance

    What is the alternate way to do quick implementation of equipment maintenance if we don't have capital asset management and currently using fixed asset for equipment management? Currently the requirement is to 1) Start Equipment Maintenance 2) Procure material for maintenance 3) Issue...
  6. JDE Fixed Assets Net Balance Value

    We are using JDE 9.0, Some of our assets like cars, furniture are fully depreciated. We don't want to dispose these assets, but would like to some how change the values so that net balance can be 1. Please advise the possible solution. Regards
  7. Fully depreciated Assets

    We have fixed assets with Zero net book value, We want to change the net book value of those assets to 1, please advise how it will be possible.
  8. Fixed Assets Revise Unposted Entries - Error: Duplicate Keys Not Allowed

    We did a journal entry to assign cost to new assets. When we tried to post the entries in the revise unposted entries program we received an error saying the posting account was invalid. The journal entry was voided and re-entered. The second entry posted correctly. However, the first entry...
  9. How to Merge Assets (Transfer Cost from one Asset to Another)

    We have just completed a fixed assets verification exercise and are now in the process of cleaning up the register. One of the areas that we needed to fix are sub-components that had initially been booked as separate assets, and we need to merge them. As a simple illustration, you have a...