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    E9.1 Client Deployment for Features Requiring WebSphere?

    Hi List - Installing full clients features for web, workflow moduler. It errors out with seeking WebSphere install on the client first but we are a Weblogic shop not IBM. Any alternatives hosting site besides IBM since we aren't an IBM shop since requiring premium logon? Workarounds...
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    E9.1 Needing Full client 11G db Patches

    Hi List - Am seeking patches for Oracle 11g db due to security scan showing threats possible. Any awareness where those lie at and recommended ones for that release? Then can I get it to a higher release likely? Thanks!
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    How to View ESU's on Previous installations

    List, Is there an easy way to view code changes in ESU's for a previous release? We are on JDE E9.2 and have a bug in one of our reports (R43500). The bug is fixed in an ESU for 9.1 but hasn't been approved for 9.2 yet. We need this ASAP to Go-Live. Is there a way I can view the code that...
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    Calling Table Conversion from Interactive Applications

    Hi All, I would like to ask, is it possible to call a table conversion from an interactive application and wait till it's done processing before proceeding with the rest of the code? I notice that this doesn't happen with JDE EnterpriseOne 9.1. It calls the table conversion and proceed with the...