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custom app

  1. Mike Mackinnon

    Search Multiple Columns in Table - Best/Fastest Method?

    I am looking at doing a search through a custom table that has multiple fields for an item number. Example table fields: Item1, Item2, Item3, Item4, Item5, Item6, Quantity, Location, etc. I want to return ALL records that have an item number in any of the "item fields". Currently I have DD...
  2. J

    Post Ok Button Click Not Firing

    Hey Group, Have any of you ever experienced a Post Ok Button Click not firing after the Ok Button Click fires. I thought the Ok Button Click and Post Ok Button Click always fired, but it doesn't seem to be the case in my current scenario. It may be a weird JDE instance that requires redoing...
  3. D

    Set Data Item for grid (ROW) NOT ENTIRE COLUMN

    Hello Everyone, I am rather new to JDE and my company is still undergoing the implementation. Although I am very new I have successfully built a few custom apps for our business needs. Currently I am working on a custom application that we will use to set up our machines, essentially a recipe...