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    Tool/Program/Custom UBE for Mass closure of old Purchase Order lines

    Does anyone know of a standard or custom tool for closing old Purchase Order lines. We tried using the status update program but that will not close lines. We know the normal way but there are thousands of lines so looking for a quick way (not SQL) to close PO lines en masse. Any...
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    Purchase Order cancelled after submitted for approval

    Hi List We have an order in which all the lines are approved . Now a change order has been added and submitted for approval. When it is under approval process, the originator has cancelled the change order. But, the order still remains as awaiting approval and the approver cannot be able to...
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    Cancel partially received Purchase Order line

    JDE allows to cancel partillay received Purchase Order line. So if an order line has been cancelled after it is received partially, the line status changes to 980 - 999 (cancelled) and there is no indication about the partially received amount in the Order detail form. There is a field "Amount...