1. B4210620 - S421002C Sales Order Line View Controller not updating fields

    Hello, I was having a problem in our customer sales order entry application that uses the S421002C_SOLineViewController. I was setting a value for the Release date (RLDJ) in the Grid and calling the B4210620 to update it, but after the update the value was wiped out. After tunneling...
  2. P42101. Add new column to Sales Order Detail not working

    Hi, I'm trying to add three new columns to Sales Order Detail Subform (P421002) to add data to F4211. This columns aren't on the grid, so I searched for a documentation on the Knowledge Garden, and I found this case: "E1: FDA: User Reserved Fields URCD, URDT, URAT, URAB and URRF. (Doc ID...