account receivable

  1. A9.4 Understanding the relationship between F03B11, F03B112, F03B13 & F03B14

    Hello, I need to understand the relationship between F03B11, F03B112, F03B13 & F03B14 from the point of view of purging these tables by G/L date. For example if a Purge Date of LESS THAN 1st Jan 2018 was selected then I would need to clear down records in these tables that have a G/L date Less...
  2. E9.2 Best Practices After Server Down

    We recently experienced a sever malfunction which caused all our internal systems to stop working mid day , as the concerned parties are working on solutions and getting things up and running normally , I was wondering what would be the best practices and if you have any tips to share to have...
  3. AR Monthly Closing

    We are facing a issue related to monthly closing. Every month it's delayed due to. 1) The collectors continue to bring receipts after the cutoff date with previous month check date. Since the collections are huge in size and there are lot of customers it is so far difficult to zero this...
  4. Accounts Receivable

    We have huge collections every month. What is the best way to handle and store receipts which are received after due collection date Regards,