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How to Code?


Hello JDE Listers,

Whe we right click on the session after logging into the AS/400 machine a window Pops up with PAD1 and PAD2 containing some Buttons like (PA1, PA2, Clear Reset ..etc).
For these buttons we can add our own functionalities for running queries .... etc. Now the question is how and where do we code for that.

This isn't really relevant to JDE, as the popup keypad is a function of the 5250 emulator supplied with Client Access for iSeries. I suggest reviewing the help for that product. Search for "popup keypad" and you'll find plenty of info.


Changing the Popup Keypad

1. Choose Edit from the WorkStation window menu bar.

> The Edit pull-down menu appears.

2. Choose Preferences from the pull-down list.

> The Preferences pull-down menu appears.

3. Choose Popup Keypad from the pull-down list.

> The Popup-Keypad Setup dialog-box is displayed, showing the current popup-keypad file.

4. Push the Customize... button.

> The Customize Popup Keypad dialog-box appears; the current functions of pad 1 are shown.

5. If you are changing an existing keypad-file, choose Open... from the File menu.

6. If you want to, choose the number of Rows, Columns and Pads from the Keypad Size box.

7. Choose a macro , a function , or a character from the relevant list.

8. Choose the pad that you want to change (1, 2, 3, or 4) and then click the button that you want to change.

9. Repeat 6 and 7 as necessary.

10. If you want to change the color of a button, choose Color from the Actions pull-down menu. For full instructions, please refer to Changing the Popup-Keypad Colors.

11. Choose File from the menu-bar.

12. Choose Save or Save As.

13. Type the name of a file in which to save the assignments.


Hello Phillip,

Thanks for your reply. It helped me a lot!! Once again thanks.
But i still have one more query for you.
Can we attach a query to these buttons.
In that case where do we specify the library and File name so that when we click the button it will pop up the data selection on that file. This will be very useful for me because we have some 7 files on which we will run the queries( runqry).

I will be thankful to you if you help me on this.

A7.1, CUM12.


You can attach Vb script to the pop up keypad functions, but you will only be able to submit batch jobs to the AS/400.
It sounds like what you are trying to do would best be done using a group job.



Thanks once again.I dont know how to code in VB script. Can you send a sample code to run a query so that i will do the same on my machine, so that i can run queries on my tables.
Or some document related to that so that i will proceed further. It will be very useful to me.
Thanks for your reply