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Formscape Pagination


Hello All,

In my Invoice report we have more than 50 record per DOCO.
So when i take formscape output the detail section overlaps with footer section .
In formscape the alignment of records are such that each record is having 5 lines
For eg:- Line is priting dsc1
line2 is search text
line 3 COuntry of Origin
line 4 HTS Code
Line 5 is Unit weight
This is client req.
So My problem is when all the line item are presnet then detail section overlapped with footer section.
Please help me
We cant code for having 4 or 5 number of records per page .



It is R42565?

The first time I implemented in Formscape I had a lot of work inserting tags (statics texts) to exactly delimit R42565 sections (two by section BEGIN_SECTIONNAME and END_SECTIONNAME) and use page splitters to caths all stuff

Now I use the very same technique for all my repports, JDE outputs a PDF containing XML, and formscape read the xml directly to a container and you forget about input processing. Here is a short explanation:

1. Make a little schema about the needed xml format, ie for the invoice this could be: (dont detail all the close tags in this example)
<Environment> PD7333 </Environment>
<PrintDate><![CDATA[ 01/01/2009 ]></PrintDate>
<ProcessMode>< Proof > </ProcessMode>
<Item Number>

1. Implement a process option to enable Formscape output alias YN

2. In order of this formscape option set to Y suppress output of all reports sections and enable output of your xml output

3. Create a new section called XML with a global GPTX called XML_GPTX limited to 180 chars

4. Implement the output for like

4.1. In the Report Header
XML_GPTX = <R42565>
Do Custom Section(RS_XML)
XML_GPTX = <Invoices>
Do Custom Section(RS_XML)

4.2. In the section that you want the output repeat the same technique, ie:

XML_GPTX = <DocumentNumber>
XML_GPTX = concat(XML_GPTX, BC Document Number)
XML_GPTX = concat(XML_GPTX, "</DocumentNumber>")
Do Custom Section(RS_XML)

I always emit one tag with his data and close tag by line to make it easier to read and debug

then you have the following benefits:

1. You don't have to change the positions of any field in the standard report to be able to process it in formscape

2. Your customizations are always with the same method independent of the report (and be in the same way that your custom development)

3. You can easily add new data without affecting the the structure of the JDE report, nor the input processing of the Formscape part

4. In formscape your input processing is done in exactly 2 lines of code and you have all your data in a container, ready for output. (forget about overlaping fields, changing tags because of language changes, forget about mappings each field to pagebanks, check data lengths and formats, etc), ie of input

4.1 Create a container variable (a Bag)
4.2 parse the input to a pagebank (pdf to pagebank parset)
4.3 with a pagebank cutter copy the input pageban to a continuous one (with 999999999 in the lines per page)
4.4. use a copy unicode text (input a pagebank text form the continuous pagebank), output to a XML parser to the container variable
4.5 you are done

The first time you use this technique i could give you some extra work to get the point of making the ideal xml structure for your report, but when you have done 2 or 3, you will notice a speed and work hours improvement against the traditional pagebank mapping

Hope this helps



Thnks for your quick reply
We already using fml, in that it is ordered.
I hav changed the table size so now the records are coming proper no overlapping.
I m facing a new problem that wheneve i syncronise it, I m getting a mesg tht deployment is queued.
Will you please help me ?

Thnks in advance



This is simply information.

It means that it will deploy when this job has no documents to process.

You can verify the deployment in the Web Administrator, in the job log, you will see the job restarting


Hello ,

As earlier I have mentioned that if i change the table size the records dont overlap but once i synchronise it i get mesg "the deployment is succesfully queued". But also if i change font of each object . this changes reflect in the pdf with the same mesg for deployment queued.