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Business Function to Release Held Order


Question for the group here: We are using the XML interop API to provide order entry for some external applications. When an order goes on backorder, sometimes we need to release the hold code for it to be partial shipped, etc. Is there a business function to do that? If so, what would sample parameters be?

I tried B4300250, which is the ReleaseHeldOrder business function but I can't get it to actually do anything. I put the order info and the hold code as parameters, but it doesn't update the order header.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


That function is probably for purchase orders. I don't believe there is an equivalent single function call for Sales Orders which is why we wrote our own which is probably what you are going to need to do. Basically encapsulating what P43070 does.


No that function works over both F4201 and F4301, so it should work

There is a flag called cReleaseType which is 3 for F4201

Read this bit
/* Internal function comment block */ /************************************************************************** * Function: I4300250_WorkWithF4209 * Notes: This internal function will retrieve information from the f4209 * file using HCOD, DOCO, DCTO, KCOO and MCU. This is the case when * an update to the F4209 will be done with the information * pertaining to the release of an order. The value of the * cHeaderFlag will be '0'. * * To update the F4301 or F4201 with any other hold codes for the * same order is done by calling this internal function with * cHeaderFlag set to '1'. This will select all records in the * F4209 which has a blank/ null value in the HORDC field (ie. the * records which have not yet been released). From these records * selected the Hold Code (HOHCOD) will be returned to * WorkWithF4301 or WorkWithF4201 - depending on which Internal * function called WorkWithF4209 so that the respective header file * can be updated. * * *


That worked! The piece I was missing was that you need the line number flag set for certain hold codes. Thank you for your help!


Full circle here....Now I can't get this to work :)

Has anyone tried this and got it to work with F4201?