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Thread: Payroll-Local taxes not calculating correctly

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    Payroll-Local taxes not calculating correctly

    We use JDEdwards World v9.2.1. We applied the patch for the new Vertex Q integrator but now some of our local tax calculations in Pennsylvania are wrong, and we are having issues with local tax calculation in Ohio. Any suggestions on how to correct this? Anyone else run into this issue?

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    Re: Payroll-Local taxes not calculating correctly

    Contact support.=C2=A0 Sounds like the patch may have broken something.=0A =0A=0A=0A

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    Re: Payroll-Local taxes not calculating correctly

    We are new to A9.3 and Vertex PTQ as of July (from A9.1 and Vertex PTL). We are in NJ and experienced tax problems for SUI. You will definitely need to contact support. Unfortunately for us, it was a frustrating problem, as first JDE made us install a GSU, which didn't solve the problem, and tried to pin the problem on Vertex, but JDE was the cause of the problem all along... (Bottom line -- too much time wasted.) Be prepared to go through the escalation process. Good luck! Payroll problems are the pits!
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    Re: Payroll-Local taxes not calculating correctly

    It's good to know someone else is experiencing this same issue. We are getting the same run around, they keep telling us it's a Vertex issue when it really is as a JDE problem.

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    I am having a similar problem. Setting up Yonkers Taxes for the first time and the calculated withholding is slightly off. Not sure where to start? JDE or Vertex?

    Can anyone provide a suggestion.

    Thanks, Ida

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