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Thread: Usage of P40040

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    Usage of P40040

    Dear list,

    Sometimes document types are setup in the P40040, sometimes they are not although they are used. E.g. IM (material charged to WO's). What is the reason for this ? Isn't e.g. better to always include ALL document types in the integrity reporting ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Martijn Groeneveld

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    Re: Usage of P40040


    I am pretty sure that this file is not used by any application in JDE for checking rules against a document type - including the R41544 Item Balance Ledger Integrity program as it states in the help for the Integrity field. Does anyone know of any apps that do use table this directly?

    At best this application can be used to help set up some of the key UDC tables required across distribution, but note that this is only one way maintenance. For example, if you change a Document Type to 'Relieve Inventory at Ship Confirm' it will write an entry in the UDC table for 40/IU. If you manually delete this record from the UDC table it will not go back and update the Document Type Maintenance file to reflect this. For this reason I would suggest only using this program when adding new Document types.

    Craig Potter

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    RE: Usage of P40040

    Craig, that's a good point, that deleting a document type from the UDC does
    not update the Document Type Maintenance File. Here's what one of my
    writers sent me on this program:

    "Since many of you have probably setup and used Document Types successfully
    for years without using this program, you are probably thinking, "Tell me
    this is an optional step, and that it really doesn't do anything." It is
    optional, for most of you. The only time it is required is when you are
    using CSMS, Ship and Debit, or Advanced Stock Valuation. The only use of
    this program, for most clients, is that it does update various User Defined
    Codes (UDCs) that control how Document Types are processed. These UDCs

    -- 40/BT Blanket Order Types—if you are adding a document type that is for
    Blanket Orders, you will want to list it in this UDC, so that Order Entry
    will find the appropriate Document Types when doing a Blanket Order release.
    -- 40/IU Inventory Update—most clients want their sales orders to
    relieve inventory at Ship Confirm. Listing your document types in this UDC
    will ensure that inventory is issued at Ship Confirmation; otherwise, the
    End of Day processing will issue inventory. Note: If you do not have your
    document type listed in the 40/IU UDC and you have the processing option set
    to relieve inventory in ship confirm then the inventory will be relieved but
    you won't see it in the Item Ledger (Cardex) until sales update.

    The value entered in the Document Type Maintenance program for Other
    Quantity has no impact. Rather, the processing options in Order Entry
    control the type of commitment.

    Also, the values you set up in P40040 will not impact how Order Entry pulls
    in a next number. Order Entry will retrieve a next number based on the Order
    Type/Order Activity Rules setup or the Order Type in the Next Numbers by

    Andy Klee

    Andy Klee

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