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Thread: CR Notes and SO using secondary location

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    CR Notes and SO using secondary location

    I'm not sure where to turn with this one, but we're building new warehouses/business units here, where we will be using multiple items within a secondary location. This is the first time we have used this here, and are having trouble when creating credit notes, and will undoubtedly have trouble when trying to build a Sales order based on the items within this location. The way it is intended to work, is that a single item code can exist in more than one secondary location with in a specific warehouse. I'm under the impression here that primary locations are assigned a single item, and secondary locations may contain multiple items?

    Is this something that is commonly done, or are we attepmting to create something that cannot be done? Anyone who as a setup that may resemble what I have described here, I would be interested to hear of any problems or alternative solutions that you may have used.


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    Re: CR Notes and SO using secondary location

    Hi Jonesy,

    May I know what kind of problems you faced when creating credit notes?

    It might have something to do with commitment method defined in Item/Branch record.

    We also use multiple (secondary) Locations per item in a given warehouse, and multiple items sharing a single location in a warehouse (BU/Branch)
    The only restriction I know of regarding Primary Locations for an Item in a warehouse is that there can only be one (primary location) per item per branch. (Multiple Items can share a single primary location in a given branch also)

    I'm not much of a help, but hope to be able to help once I have more details.



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