year close

  1. E9.2 Fiscal Year to Calendar Year

    Hello! First post here! thank you for all your help so far, great to be part of this community! I am trying to change from fiscal year to calendar year by the end of this year. my company/business is currently from 7/1/2020 to 6/30/2021 and we're trying to shorten this fiscal year to begin a...
  2. change firm (payables) after year closing

    Hello! Help me please.. we have closed the year.. and there is incorrect orders P3 type .. orders opened to the wrong company and now we need to reverse this order from this company and reflect the debt on the right company how can we do it? thanks!
  3. Rauf

    Fixed Asset - Forgot to close the year and run depreciation for new year

    One user did not do year close for December 2017 and calculated depreciation for January 2018 and posted. When I checked the Fixed Asset Balance file (F1202), it inserted record for 2018 with balance up to November 2017. Now, what are the procedure to fix the balance for 2018. As I'm new to...